Stealing or Adapting

As a person interested in classic literature I enjoy the writings that came from Ancient Greece and Rome. In reading the Iliad a few days ago I realized something, with the Iliad being dated at sometime usually around the eighth century BC and the Aeneid dated around 20 B.C. I thought to myself, is Aeneas another character that Rome “adapted” from the area they had conquered?

With this question in mind, I went on my hunt for information on what made Aeneid so popular in these stories. I went to and searched “Aeneas in the Iliad”. After looking through several sights the one third from the bottom caught my eye. “Aeneas- Hellenica, Information about Greece and Cyprus…” At first glance I dismissed it, thinking this was not what I was looking for and moving along. Then after looking at other websites I decide to give it a chance. It looked pretty informational and well researched. After looking at their information page, and putting their website in the code checker and finding it had few errors I came to the conclusion that it was a pretty good site

In the Iliad, Aeneas is one of the great warriors of Troy. In one of the battles Aeneas is badly wounded and his mother, Aphrodite (or Venus), comes to save him. Meanwhile, Hector is told by Hermes not to fight Achilles until Aeneas has returned. Long story short, Hector doesn’t listen. The Aeneid goes on to tell Aeneas life after the Trojan war. It is says that he travels with his family and close friends to Italy where the creation of Rome starts. On this journey Aeneas makes a stop in Carthage and has an affair with Dido. After being compelled to leave Aeneas sets off and stops in Sicily, and then up to “Rome”. After arriving Aeneas makes war against the city of Falerii. After that war Hera urges Turnus  declared war on Aeneas. Turnus is killed and all is well in Aeneas world.

Is the Aeneid really the Romans stealing Aeneas though? In the Iliad, Aeneas does not have too much of a story. Where in the Aeneid it is all about Aeneas. Think about this, Wicked is a story based off of the Wizard of Oz, is that stealing? Wicked was not written by the same author. It is an adaptation of the story told in the wicked witch’s point of view. So did the Romans steal Aeneas, or did they give him a bigger journey.Image


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