Definition of Love

The definition of love.  Some might think it’s a simple definition, but when you really dig deep it’s a hard word to define.  Will you sacrifice everything and anything for the love of your life?  Are you incomplete without love?  Is love something you need to survive?

I beg the question, “What is the definition of love?”  The reason I chose this topic is because love and love life is so prevalent in our class and in my life right now.  Seriously, take a moment and think about what your personal definition of love is.  It’s a hard feeling to define.  As I was searching for a solid definition I came across Urban Dictionary.  The definition of love by Urban Dictionary is, “This love is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions: completely loving someone. It’s when you trust the other with your life and when you would do anything for each other. When you love someone you want nothing more than for them to be truly happy no matter what it takes because that’s how much you care about them and because their needs come before your own. You hide nothing of yourself and can tell the other anything because you know they accept you just the way you are and vice versa.  It’s when they’re the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and when they’re the first thing you think of when you wake up, the feeling that warms your heart and leaves you overcome by a feeling of serenity. Love involves wanting to show your affection and/or devotion to each other. It’s the smile on your face you get when you’re thinking about them and miss them.”

I chose this definition because it touched on every emotional aspect of love, and said nothing about the physical aspect of love.  The reason I like that is because the physical aspect of love isn’t something we should be hooked on or consider a part of love when we are this young.   We aren’t mature enough.  Yes, God created the physical aspect just as much as he did the emotional aspect, but he created the physical aspect for later in life when we are matured and when we are with the one person God created us to be with for the rest of our life.  And when we fall into the physical aspect of love before marriage, it pulls us away from God and destroys our love with that special girlfriend or boyfriend.  After we start committing the physical part of love that’s all you want to do and you don’t truly enjoy being with him/her.

Urban Dictionary puts it best, “Lust is the desire for their body; love is the desire for their soul.”

Thanks for reading the first blog of my life,

Sam Starks


3 thoughts on “Definition of Love

  1. hopeadvancedlatin Post author

    I’ve thought about this a whole lot myself. How do you know if you’re in love with someone? Could it be that everyone “defines” love differently and that’s why it’s so hard to know?

  2. hopeadvancedlatin Post author


    Urban Dictionary uses the word it’s defining quite a bit in the definition of that word for it to be a legitimate “definition”… But it was an interesting choice to use in your blog post. As for your belief that physical love prior to marriage destroys true love, I disagree. I would argue that if physical love destroys the emotional connection of an unmarried couple, then it would be a terrible idea for that couple to get married anyway. If physical love pulls you away from caring about your significant other so much that it becomes the basis of your relationship, then your relationship was destined to fail even if you had never engaged in physical activities before marriage. If lust is desire for the body and love is desire for the soul (which I agree with, but I would add that lust should not be so separated from love, as lust is a part of human love, though not all of it), and if your relationship deteriorates because of lust, then true love was never there in the first place.

    -Arbiter Bibendi

  3. hopeadvancedlatin Post author

    Love everything about this post Sam!
    But seriously, your argument discussing emotional vs physical is an intriguing topic. There is a TON of statistical evidence that shows how waiting for for the physical stuff until we mature helps a couple to have a better marriage and stronger relationship.


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